Monday 5 March 2007

Rose Coloured Morning

This morning has been lovely. The weather is all a big bluster outside, but it's sunshiny and inside the colour of the day is this:

While Safiya was doing her own version of beading (which somehow involved the floor a lot), I was finishing these (spoiler alert, Mom!):

...the other Christmas present (from this year) that hadn't made its way to her's the people we love the most that sometimes get the short end of the craft stick, eh? The findings are silver and the stones are amethyst and ruby (my Mom's birthstone and Safiya's), and before you go thinking rubies, I didn't buy a whole string of them (!), these were kind of sad little orphans and The Beadery (a very amazing, helpful, creative space) people were kind enough to include them in the lot that I was purchasing. This is my second try at making earrings and my second try at jewellry ever, and I'm liking it a lot!

And oh-my-goodness-golly-gee is jewellry ever hard to photograph! I took about 80 pictures of these darn little things, and only learned by the end that what is needed the most is indirect light. I was trying to be all creative and capture the light coming through the stones...maybe with some icicles?...I thought...this is one of my favourites (ha!):


We snag paint chips whenever and wherever we can, because construction paper pads don't come in just pink, but try to explain that to a 2 year old. Sooner or later there is going to be an industry meeting where the executives of the paint companies try to fathom the explosion of preference to pink-coloured rooms in Toronto, given how many pink paint chips are missing...
(as for the woven cardboard fun up there - I started it, and Safiya just commandeered it after that...I did not set it up so that it looks like my daughter is a weaving savant!)

And this:

Oh dear. Well, I've managed to baste the torn batting back together, pin the layers, and baste the ends. I'm going to try Heather Bailey's continuous binding technique...To the cutting table (floor) to cut a gazillion strips! Here's a detail of the hand-stitching (you see why I wanted to save it?)...

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Anonymous said...

beautiful image of lunch! a perfect weaving of pinks (and peas!!).