Friday 9 March 2007


So much was distracting from craft today. Vacuuming, laundry, routine appointments to make, the kitchen floor could use a good wash, well, I could sew, but I'd have to do this and this and this first...and so on....that's enough!

I grabbed the machine from it's forlorn spot it the midst of basement renovations, and plunked it on the kitchen table, as a reminder. This is what you want to do, it whispered as I gave myself an hour to do other things that also really needed to be done. It wouldn't sit right if one shortchanged the other, and so I was thorough in that hour, cleaning as I always do, biding my time...the idea of unswept corners was not going to taint my time.

And then we had some fun.

Working on a package going to a new friend and to a new wee babe out west.

There is so much I'd like to finish, like to work on, but in fits and starts it's hard to appreciate that things do come together, in time. Most of the time reading other people's blogs is an amazing inspiration, and it was what got me going here on my own, but once in a while just looking at the screen and all the bounty out there, I'm spurred into a frenzy of inactivity. I'm trying hard not to let that stop me from mindfully working in small doses on things that I really enjoy. It's all about balance...

However, when I really want (and need) to get giddy and dizzy with design delight, I go to:

silk felt soil
Oh Joy!
print & pattern

In our little corner of the world, this weekend bodes well, I think. There are minimal Plans and a lot of determination brewing here to finish some projects. Next week's mission is to post some finished stuff. Oh I really have to do it!

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