Friday 23 March 2007

Taking Over

I've always liked the effect of enfilade in architecture ("an axial arrangement of doorways connecting a suite of rooms with a vista down the whole length of the suite" which is much better than what I had typed trying to explain what I meant...thank you dictionary!). Here's our humble enfilade effect looking down the length of our house, from the kitchen at the back toward the front door, doors thrown wide to welcome spring and the late afternoon sun:

You can't tell from that photo, but we've been invaded! It lurks in drawers in the playroom:

On top of the armoire in the living room:

In the armoire in the living room:

On top on the bookcase:

Peeking out from corners at the top of the stairs:

Even outside!

Ack! Craft is taking over!

This is not even considering the boxes in the basement, which certainly will not get exposed here! However, underneath all this is the basement, overdo for some love and attention, which it will be getting in the next couple of days after which maybe all this lurking, nomadic felt and such can have a home of its own...I'll be a little extra busy over the weekend...

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