Sunday 18 March 2007

Weekend Contentment

The best pancakes that I've ever had are the vegan banana pancakes made at The Naam, in Vancouver. A close second are these yummy ones from the cookbook put out by Ruth Tal Brown, owner of fresh by Juice for Life, one of my favourite restaurants (and a vegan one to boot!) here in Toronto.

Here's the recipe, but be warned, it makes an enormous number of pancakes, which is why the picture above is so peaceful...everyone's already done their breakfast! (sorry, my scanner's down and my camera is balking at focusing, but the recipe's worth the blurriness, I think):

Then there's tea:

Herbal tea is a passion of mine, and one of my favourite things to make are tea cozies:

I added the ribbons on the bottom (from Mokuba : 577 Queen Street West) because my aunt and family live by the ocean - Mr. S. thought it was hay (sigh). It's reversible, with felted pink wool on the inside for those I'm-definitely-in-a-pink-kind-of-mood days:

The big project for next week:

A pieced baby blanket for a friend's baby who is having a birthday next weekend, so there's a self-imposed deadline...hmmm....I'll try to turn any anxiety about that into something creative!

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Anonymous said...

oh, i can feel the breezes on the outside of the cozy keeping the bird aflight. perfect ribbon details. and the inside, well just about as cozy as can be. i'm loving the buttons.