Tuesday 27 March 2007


Well, it's been a bit of a little break. When I started girl number twenty in February, I tried to make sure that I did an entry every day, just to be sure to get in the habit and to keep myself accountable. This weekend Mr. S. and my brother-in-law ripped apart the previously (improperly) done "finished" part of our basement, and Safiya and I hightailed it out of town to my parents'. The visit was lovely, the hard work was done well (big thanks guys!) and when we got back...something about one part of the house being in completely disarray just puts a big wrench in the middle of things. My old habits of "must attend to that first" creep up and I feel craft-and-blog-paralysed.

But then, then! an email from the lovely Sarah at cloth.paper.string, to whom I had sent a little package thanking her for being the first person to comment on my blog. She received it (yay!), and her generous words have sparked that craft-joy in me again this morning that had been buried under drywall dust and the sight of bare brick foundation. This is the reason I started this - to simply say hi, to see what happens, to send a little bit of craft-joy out there and maybe make someone smile, and to be inspired in turn by not just the projects that are out there, but the community.

Speaking of community, on the right I've added some places that look like great places to get involved, either ongoing swaps or one-time projects and such. I may get involved in some, others I'll just keep peeking in to see how it's going. Right now keeping up with my own little stuff, the house, and the blog are just enough...

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Anonymous said...

so pleased to have rekindled the craft-joy! i'm still swooning about that bundle of goodness - thank you!!