Friday 6 March 2009

How To Feel Like a Homeschooler....

Stop at a patisserie for mid-morning sustenance. Bring lino-cutting equipment along for making stamps out of rubber erasers. People ask: why isn't she in school? Mention homeschooling. Smile when girl behind counter comments, "Well, then, I guess that means you get to stop for treats whenever you want!" Why yes, yes it does....

Meet up with (preferably equally crazy) friends to go letterboxing. Walk along a frozen Lake Ontario beach on a blustery February day following clues for said letterboxing.

Have great adventure following clues. Rejoice with frozen tears of joy upon finding sought after spot. Have small children laugh at you while you try to retrieve small box from rock crevasse by gamely wedging your body down into a tree, head-first.

Curse rock crevasse.

Curse missing box.

Realise that there's not too much disappointment in the air because 1) kids really do like the hunt, and 2) kids are frozen.

Retreat to restaurant (after a gasping-from-the-wind walk back around a small bay, a far-too-quick run for a bus, and another short-but-seems-long walk, fixing scarves and hoods and mittens continuously en route) and reward wonderful children with waffles, french fries, and icecream.

Watch children create weird maple-syrup/water/apple juice/ketchup/pepper/vinegar/salt/sugar concoction.

Laugh with friend. Wait for warmer weather.