Sunday 16 May 2010

They Get Big Fast and a Sewing Confession

My midwife's only real rule for postpartum is, which she directed to me, but stated while looking squarely at Mr. S., "No cooking, cleaning, or laundry for 10 to 12 days".

I don't see sewing on that list, do you? ;-)

So, a skirt that should have really only taken a half hour finally gets finished (10 minutes at a time, using this free pattern from Oliver + S) by a Mama grateful, nay overjoyed, that her ankles aren't swollen like bloated baobob trees anymore. I did promise Safiya that I'd finish the skirt.

Having such a tiny baby around makes it just a little bittersweet that Safiya is so grown up.

That's a girl in that picture, you know? A real girl. And I said to Mr. S. this morning, the funny thing about having a boy, for all my "boys wear pink" and "we don't do the princess thing" (not the Disney version, anyway) just makes me want to sew a bunch of skirts for Safiya. Lots and lots of skirts.

That is, in between sleeping and diapers and feeding and not sleeping and spending inordinate amounts of time adoring this sweetness:

You didn't think I could get through a post without a picture of him, did you? :-)

Tuesday 11 May 2010

The Bump Arrives!

We are cozy at home, now the four of us. Safiya is happy to announce that Zinadine arrived yesterday at 4:40am after a rather intense and dramatic 5 hour labour. He's tired now, and is going to have a nap. And a feed. And a nap. And a feed.....nap, feed, nap, feed. It's a hard life, being just over a day old :-)

Sunday 2 May 2010

Getting Ready to Bloom

Today is a day of sun and warm breeze and, of unexpected peas!

Everything at our house is getting ready to bloom...

Including me!

Content, I have to laugh at a sidewalk chalk game that Safiya made up, 'cause it's something that I'm whispering to The Bump all the time now:

So Start!