Wednesday 7 March 2007


Trying something new usually has an attendant amount of anxiety attached to the experience, or it used to for me. Well, maybe not anxiety, but at least a healthy self-respecting dose of worry. I'm the kind of person who maps things out ahead of time, who has read the directions before, who has a binder of appliance manuals, organised into subcategories, on our bookshelf. Freakish, I know. These days my brain is a bit more elastic (or maybe it's just floppy from getting older...huh) and I don't mind throwing cautiousness to the wind and in fact find creativity feeds off new experiences, both bodily and mindfully. So, a new thing today:

A Sunny, Frigid Day at the Beach

A last minute decision, a different bus than usual, and 10 minutes from our house...I'd forgotten how nice it was - the sound of waves strange to me in such a cold context, the birds fluttering on the breeze...we collected rocks, looked at the freezing water gently rolling in, then came home for hot chocolate.

Oddly, this tied in to crafting today. Once again, I felted a sweater whole-hog, intending it for a project for a little babe, and it did not turn out, which was too bad, as I liked the colours and pattern. It was 99% wool, and 1% "other". Whatever the "other" was, it wrecked the elasticity, and I can't use it for what I'd like...So I had an idea and tried something new:

Hee hee, you'll never guess! Anyway, even if it doesn't turn out, it was fun trying!

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