Sunday 27 May 2007

Speaking of Heritage and an Old Envelope

When my Mom was a young girl, she ordered this set of hot iron transfer patterns:

The postmark is 1965, and I won't reveal my Mom's age without getting her permission first, but suffice it to say it was before she was a teenager :-) I don't specifically remember her teaching me how to embroider, but this was my first pattern:

Now somewhere along the way, as I've said before, embroidery became my nemesis, but now that we're making up, I'm glad these were hidden away. The one above has been traced over many times, and I actually think it was the only one out of the set that was used! I googled "Laura Lee" and embroidery, but couldn't find much history except for some vintage patterns for sale. The set is quite large, with cheerful pots, pans, a glass, different sets of fruit similar to the strawberries, all of which I liked then and still do. But then there is a whole sheet of cheerful fruit in bowls such as this:

which alarmed me as a child and still does...a trio of singing fruit is reasonable, but a whole bowl? They seem cheerful, but when you're not looking, they could gang up on you....

The cake however, seems a lovely fellow and will be definitely embroidered onto something soon:

Now, all of this could explain the inspiration for the face of my little cloud:

who, I promise, will never rain on your parade :-)

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