Friday 4 May 2007

B@!ch of a Stitch

I'm a fairly quick learner. These days if I don't understand something, i just go and find someone who does, and quick. I don't have time to sit there feeling embarrassed that I'm ignorant or unlearned. I am ignorant and unlearned, about a lot of things, but not about asking for help.

So, you know slip-stitching? I've gotten someone to show me, googled it, and gave it many a go, but still, slip-stitching gave me, well, the slip (ha! sorry, that one slipped out - oh no! it's uncontrollable! o.k., I'll stop now...) I just don't get the standard diagram. Even the vintage sewing books are no help - they all say "and slip-stitch closed", as if any baby with a needle could elegantly make invisible stitches...

That doesn't mean there haven't been projects without slip-stitching, my lumpen, uneven stitches that look like something between an inverse blanket-stitch and a back-stitch are just painfully obvious, and it's painful and laborious work for me.

Until today.

See that (not the top-stitching, the other stitching)? Nope, neither can I! I made a mistake and that mistake turned out to work pretty well. I learned by mistake! Ha! and Yipee! and thank-the-sewing-heavens-above, because I've got about 15 more of these to do before next Saturday...

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Anonymous said...

he, he...I learn by mistake half of the time if I can just learn these dreaded granny squares by accident. love your patterns and colors in this one and the one above!!