Monday 14 May 2007

A Bit of Show and Tell

As promised, the smock from Katharine:

It's reversible!

And, with her permission, one of her adorable girls, Fred (who has her very own blog, The Edumacation of Winnifred), sporting her brand-new play cape!

The capes were a riot to make, because really it was just an exercise in pattern and colour and they provoke such a great response in kids :-)

This one is now Fred's:

And these are two of my favourites:

They are reversible, which was what all that slip-stitching was about :-) I'm going to sell what I have left in my Etsy shop, which doesn't have any listings yet, sorry - I'm still trying to figure it all out! And I'm still experimenting with how to photograph them (note to self - iron things first!):

Hmmmm. Because obviously the best way to show them off is when someone adorable is wearing one, if you can catch them. that is!

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