Monday 28 May 2007

An Afternon of Conversation

Yesterday I attended the Toronto Craft Chat, which was awesome. Beforehand, Mr. S. expressed his doubts.

"What's it about?"
"But what are you going to talk about?"
"You know, the state of craft here in Toronto, stuff like that"
"Wait a minute, wait a minute - the state of craft?"
"Yeah, so what?"
(slightly bewildered/bemused look from Mr. S. - o.k., he was laughing at me)
"How long is this going to take?"
"A couple of hours, the afternoon, you never know...."
"All afternoon?"
"....o.k., but what are you going to talk about?"
(ducks as I throw my knitting at him.....)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

reminds me of conversations at my house: "don't you have enough works in progress?"