Tuesday 22 May 2007

Everything in Order-ish

Somehow, I feel like I'm starting all over again (in a good way). The past week-ish has been spent re-organising fabrics, cleaning, just playing with Safiya, and nourishing my brain. Because you know you haven't been even contemplating cleaning when:


o.k., just one little guy...don't tell my mother...and oh - he was relocated humanely.

Humanity has been on my mind a lot lately. Kind of a broad plane to be thinking about, but this past weekend Mr. S. and I had a whole day date (our first one ever, thanks to Granny!) and we eventually (after basically eating at different restaurants all day - ha!) ended up at the NFB downtown and watched Manufactured Landscapes. This movie, about making connections with what we consume and how it is provided to us (and by whom), besides being visually stunning, affected me in such a way that it's prompting not only an emotional and brain response, but an action response. It's provided a short-circuit to action, if that makes any sense.

Take a deep breath. Today we switched to Bullfrog Power. It's just a start, I think. Now what kind of thread am I going to use? That's not polyester (plastic, oil product)? That's not conventional cotton (highest use of pesticides crop)?

...Apparently I am going to meld fabric together with sheer good intentions. Oh, and that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? (Although from the picture above you'd think we have money just flying around the house...."Oh look, honey, here's that hundred you were looking for!..." good grief!)

So, for inspiration (and yes, a lot of them have to do with food....)

sew green
no impact man
eat local challenge
100 mile diet
path to freedom journal
slow food toronto

I'm posting this while eating M&M's (there's blog as confessor for you) and listening to the news announce another smog day here in Toronto tomorrow...and yet I still feel pretty optimistic :-)

Night night!

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Anonymous said...

We just switched to Bullfrog at our country house (she said as if her life had really unfolded that way. It may cost us more, but it doesn't make us cry.