Friday 16 February 2007

My Inner Granny

(The sky today)

Whip-up (oh how I love whip-up!) has a great entry today about respecting our inner Granny, something I wholeheartedly agree with. I am fortunate enough to still have both my Grandmothers around. My Grammy, who is 73, plays games and cleans (her floor has always been clean enough to eat on, I'm in awe of this, really). From her I learned to be tolerant and the value of unconditional hugs. My Grandma, who is 91 (and still lives in her own apartment!) knits and reads. From her I learned that life isn't about the quick and short-term, it's about the things that last. I also fairly recently learned that she has a wicked sense of humour.

They are both religious women whose lives have always revolved around family and church. This means that I grew up surrounded my baking, canning, cleaning, cooking, gardening, being frugal, and doing most everything by hand. (Sewing is my Mom's love and domain, so I'll save that for later.) In the past, I have made of point of stopping by (not as often as I should, as any Grandmother will say about their grandchildren....sigh) and watching, learning what they do. Part of it is laziness - I can read instructions, but it's just sooooo much easier watching a master, especially if they're also good at teaching. But really there are nuances and tricks that don't translate easily onto paper. I learned a lot about knitting tension from just the one session with my Grandma, and since I'm not really a knitter, but I do love the of my works in progress:

A work in progress that is actually a Christmas present to my Mom (from two Christmases ago!). She brought back some wool from a trip to New Zealand and said "I want you to knit something for me". It was a good tactic. I'll felt the sweaters and add an edging from this book (one of only two knitting books I have - that I have to change). I say "add an edging" as if I merrily knit away the evenings in front of the t.v. I've never done many of the instructions for this particular pattern, so there will be swearing involved (sorry Grammy and Grandma!) It's something that I'd like to finish before it gets too warm around here, and so I'm going to go work on it right now, before Safiya wakes up from her nap, and so this post ends :-)