Thursday 15 February 2007

Connecting the Dots (in which there are italics)

"That's what you should blog about" said my husband last night after eating some homemade cornbread. So, how do you take an appealing picture of cornbread when artificial light is all that's available? You don't. Here's the empty pan.....

(The recipe I found by googling for vegan cornbread recipes - it was very scrumptious)

What's this blog really going to be about? (Besides the occasional side-dish about food because, well, I looove food.) I'm really good at ideas, it's the doing that sometimes catches me up. There's a stash of fabric and thrifted wool in my basement (patiently waiting a finished space to call its own, but that's another story), a new sewing machine as-yet-untried, an assortment of projects half-underway in various spots around our little lovely house, and a list of things promised and not finished. This space is my space (mine - all mine! mwah ha ha) for exploring creativity in-between taking care of a toddler, running a household (I say with authority - ha! ask my other about that one), and maybe, just maybe, starting a little enterprise of my own...we'll see...

A sample of little things of which I'm proud:

Birthday Beanbags

Tea Cozy
(felted wool lining)

Recycled Wool Sweater Blanket
(machine pieced, cotton twill backing, hand knotted for extra strength)
(with my daughter jumping on it - doubly proud of her)

I see others around me in this craft blog world (I think it all started for me with an innocent google-walk that ended with Amy at Angry Chicken and it's just spiralled from there) and they're so inspiring, so various in their voices, and just a lot of fun to read - they've made it look like fun, so I thought I'd try it out. (A good friend said "just do it as an experiment - that way there is absolutely no failure".) I like the sound of that.

Note to self: Add projects to be done, add list of lovely blogs....

If you're reading this, please be patient, I'm new to this, so the site will metamorphose in an erratic way, I'm sure - enjoy!