Tuesday 20 February 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Today wasn't a crafting day. It was a phone people, figure out why the dryer isn't working, pick chocolate muffin off the floor, laugh with Safiya, explain that some animals eat other animals (don't ask), smell the fresh air (it was +6 degrees today!) kind of day. Throughout the day I was itching to get to my knitting, but that's the nice thing about knitting - it's patient.

Underneath it all was that bubbling, thinking, twitchy finger feeling. And then the wonderfulness of Kerri Smith came across my screen. I'm not a paper crafts kind of person (although I love wrapping presents), and painting downright frightens me (what if I get it wrong? isn't that a strange thought?), but one of the points of this experiment is to push me beyond comfort into that other place. The universe has been prodding me toward collage as well, which again, is foreign to me. However, one of my favourite words is palimpsest and so, and idea:

And, as a before bedtime present, here is Kerri's 100 ideas - sweet dreams!

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