Sunday 25 February 2007

Done on Time

The following little project was a birthday gift that got to its owner today:

It's made from pieces from two felted sweaters (it's reversible!): the black was merino that felted beautifully - so soft, and a lovely cable-knit:

Someone's little hand (she liked the feel of it too - she kept trying to hide with it :-)

Finally, I got up the courage to use my new machine. It's been sitting, waiting. Sometimes the way I procrastinate is to think that things will be so much better under the perfect circumstances, as in, "I'll break out the new machine when the basement gets finished, then I'll really get going". Silly, I know. But I'm learning that creativity doesn't have to come after utility, and for this present I really wanted to make something, so I...just...did it. The new machine is a Janome JS 1004 and it wasn't expensive, but it's new and it's sturdy and the sewing foot can be lifted up extra-high (something I need when working with felt). And it was great, like a sharp knife on butter, whereas my old machine? trying to smear the butter on the bread with your forehead. Sheesh.

The photo yesterday? Just a reminder when I'm slogging through things like cleaning out the fridge of why it's worth the extra time and effort making our own meals. It's o.k., I'm just a little weird.

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