Thursday 10 July 2008

Like Candy

I would have loved to see what came from the creative hands that previously owned this bowl of goodies. Crocheting something so fastidious holds no appeal for me, but I bet there will be another use for colours so luscious around here. It makes me happy just looking at them. Anybody got any ideas?

Another stroke of thrift-store luck yielded this wonder stack, and do you see the mod pink? Two big sheets!

Way back in September I lamented that there was only one little piece of it left in my stash. It's very odd to re-find pieces, but then of course, the manufacturers would have made stacks and stacks of the same thing, right? Actually makes you wonder where the rest of it is lurking :-)

And finally, after much waiting, Safiya and I found our very own button haul. I was always jealous of other crafters' stories of button hauls - where were all these second-hand buttons hiding? And voila!

We had a great afternoon just hanging out sorting buttons. Kids and buttons are made for eachother. There were some real beauties in the bags we found:

So now I'm set for buttons. For life :-)

If I needed something second-hand, I used to anxiously peruse the thrift stores pretty frequently. "Maybe this time the hand blender I need will be there!" Freaking out is not good for thrifting karma. I've had much better success just relaxing and checking when I happen to go instead of making it a mission. Thrift-store disappointment is harsh. Case in point: the hand blender. We went without after ours broke because after watching Manufactured Landscapes I just couldn't bring myself to by one new. I freaked for a while and then resigned myself to mashing soup with my trusty yet ineffectual potato masher. (Oh the deprivation!) And then, having let it go, a hand blender appeared when I wasn't even looking for one. Huh. And it was even better than our old one.

Can I keep talking about thrifting? 'Cause really sometimes it feels like finding treasure.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE that big brownish amber one in the corner. lucky, lucky!!

The Hudson-Vadnais' said...

The buttons are glorious. I have not found my fated (and I do believe that it is fated) button stash, yet. Someday.

A thought I had about all the floss/crochet yarn: what about weaving small "god's eyes" to use as embellishments on bags, etc., much like crafers use yo-yos? You could cut down bamboo skewers or even use toothpicks or do somthing more rustic with small twigs? Nice find!
Mary Ann

Marnie said...

Hey thanks Mary Ann! neat idea - and something I could do with Safiya! Hmmm, combine my shared-with-Sarah love of that big brown button and your idea for embellishment, and I say there's a bag somewhere begging to be made :-)

Johanna Masko said...

Hey woman!! Just checking in- you've been busy! That crochet cotton works excellent for handquilting. Not the fine disappearing kind, but the big bold contrast-stitching kind. Variagated thread looks really pretty in quilting stitches.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!!! Seeing as you're in Toronto and I am as well....any chance you could tell me where you find such great thrift stores? All I find are broken VCR's and National Geographics.