Thursday 18 October 2007

The Weekend of Food

Mr. S comes from a long line of butchers. And from a family of storytellers....loud storytellers. So the above picture is my Father-in-law, the sleeves rolled up on his good dress shirt, in the middle of a tale, whilst preparing a cut of meat. In no way does this cause me, being of the non-meat-eating persuasion, any aversion; firstly because I'm used to it, and secondly because I actually love it. His family seems to revolve around food and stories, and I can think of no better combination.

This past weekend we celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr, the end of Ramadan. And in the usual manner there was eating all day, and in the usual manner there was the preparation, most of it started days ahead. And so again we come to aprons:

You'll see in the first picture that my Father-in-law is wearing that same apron. It's a necessity - your shirt had better look good, even if you've just been wrestling with dinner!

Not only did I get stuffed with good food (they always worry what is she going to eat? and then there's always an abundance for me, even without the meat), but I also received a nice stack of natural-fibre clothes that my Father-in-law's friend was going to donate. She had heard about how I source my fabric, and is now in the process of gathering a nice stash of woolen sweaters for the next time we see each other - yippee!

Indulgence was really the theme of the weekend, as I also stopped in at my favourite bakery. Perhaps of all time. It's called The Pie Plate, and it's divine.

Ruth-Anne, the woman who runs the show down there, along with her family, is a marvel. She and her family do everything themselves; food, serving, decor, not to mention running a guest suite on top of the restaurant. The croissants are on par with Bonjour Brioche here in Toronto and anything Paris has to offer, and everything is just yummy. And the icing on the cake (ha!) is that very often there are traditional German-Mennonite offerings, so it really is local cuisine!

So good that I couldn't wait until I got home (best chocolate-gingersnap cookies ever):


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Heather said...

chocolate gingersnap?!?!? possibly a little of Heaven right there!