Thursday 4 October 2007

When Was the Last Time You Played?

My hands are a bit tired of embroidering, so I'm writing before bed instead (and yes, it's past my bedtime - I promise I won't complain tomorrow)...

Wandered over to Write, Mama Write and read "Mood changers for toddler days". What a lovely list. More of a list for those of us staying with our little ones through the day. Doing any of those things would change my mood for the better! One of the things that I struggle with is that it is "o.k." to play with Safiya - all day, if we want. Play is not doing nothing. (Nobody ever tells me that - it's just as assimilated sentiment in my head; trash stuck to my shoe during the walk of life.) That while integrating her into dishes (which she loves) and laundry (which she loves even more) and cooking (again,....) is fun and at the same time normalizes everyday work for her, playing is valuable to not only her, but to me as well.

In the picture above she's busy with her new favourite past-time: cutting construction paper into tiny little pieces with her super-tiny and yet super-sharp pink scissors. It's fascinating to me that she just sits there and does this for ages at a time. She calls it giving the paper a hair-cut and then gets all excited about sweeping up the pieces to put in the recycling so that "they can make something new out of it!"

I never thought I'd be the Mom who lets her kid play with the time I'll join her!

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