Thursday 4 October 2007

Bread and a Little Work

Safiya is busy in the backyard making "chalk soup" from her sidewalk chalk and some buckets of water...and whatever else she can find. So I'm sneaking this post in :-)

This morning we made bread. This household eats an enormous amount of bread and it is not a skill at which I am proficient. In fact, other than a few dismal loaves waaaay in the past, if there is homemade bread around here, Mr. S is the one who makes it.

But I couldn't get the voices out of my head. You know...."But it the easiest thing"...."It takes no time at all"..."It's actually very therapeutic", with a little apprehension, away we went this morning.

And it actually rose! It's cooling now, and the anticipation is quite high...."IS OUR BREAD READY?!" echoes throughout our little house.

The kneading was actually very therapeutic, as I have a booth for three days at the HarbourKids Festival this weekend. It's my first multi-day fair and, not knowing what to expect, I'm a little nervous. There are some things left to complete, including a couple of quilts.

I'm almost done the "Grow Child" quilt series. A quilt or two for every stanza. When this series is complete, there's another poem waiting in the wings and another style of quilt coming.....

I think that these are my favourite trees so far.


Christina.B said...

Your gonna be there! thats great, i might just pass by to get a quilt.

Jennifer said...

i love how you have your spices stacked up! oh, and the bread looks yummy