Friday 19 October 2007

There Should be a Pun About Fish and Doilies...

O.k., have you ever seen crocheted fish before?

I've never seen anything like them, and I love them. Besides the stack of clothes, my Father-in-law's friend also gave me these and some other doilies that she crocheted. It's meticulous work, and I love the fish because they echo my sentiments on doilies. Doilies are useless. Pretty, but useless. Thus, fish doilies are perfect - could you possibly use them as anything? Nope!

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Anonymous said...

OK...Marnie? I. Love. These. You know the weird part? I just got back from Michaels, where I purchased a How To Crochet kit, another crochet book and some yarn. (Yes! They actually had stuff on sale that I wanted.)
What to do with these fab crocheted fish? Why, starch them and make them into a mobile, of course!!! Whee!!