Monday 27 August 2007

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

...She chortled in her joy! Tomorrow is Mr. S's birthday, and when I asked Safiya what she wanted to give Babo for his birthday, she didn't hesitate - "A BEANBAG!" There was no doubt, she wanted to make him a beanbag. So she picked out the fabric ("'cause I know he likes flowers") and helped cut it out a little ("I'll let you finish, Mama"). Then she said it had to have a "B for Babo" on it. How would we do that? "Ummmm, sparkles?" I gently directed her away from the whole sparkle and glue idea (tricky, delicate stuff with a three-year-old, I'll tell 'ya) and then we decided that we could use thread.

Her first bit of embroidery! She sat on my lap, little fingers gripping the needle, asking a million why questions, giggling when she motioned that she was sneakily going to put the needle down on the other side of the B, and commenting once in a while, very seriously, that "this can be a little tricky, Mama". By the end she had really got the hang of it. It was wonderful.

Then she helped sew it right sides together, turn it inside out ("Like a worm! Come on, little worm!..."), fill it up with buckwheat and lavender ("'cause I'm the buckwheat lady!"), and sew it closed. She was so happy and excited.

And so am I :-)


Anonymous said...

Seriously the 28th is his birthday? Peter's to.

Happy birthday to all the skinny nerds then!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Goodness. What a really amazing present! She's a sweet girl, and I predict that this is going to be Mr. S's most favorite beanbag ever.