Wednesday 20 June 2007

What Once Was Lost Now is Found

So way back in the fall, when our water main broke in the basement and we immediately ripped up the laminate floor and then noticed something funky with the basement walls and a "test" for mould turned into ripping out everything....kind of carefully, the stuff being stored down there got hastily moved about three thousand times, a lot being disposed of after exposure to drywall dust possibly laden with (oh-the-horror-seriously) mould spores from a badly finished basement with improperly built walls that had harboured this stuff for who knows how long.

Please still come for's gone now, I promise! See?

In the kerfuffle (Safiya's new favourite word), many things just disappeared and after a lot of searching I thought that I had lost two of my favourite fabrics, fabulous hand printed silks from Peach Berserk, fabrics that ages ago I had specifically bought for this house and for Safiya. Today I was cleaning the last of the mess up and upon opening a small unassuming cardboard box there they were, stuffed uncomplaining at the bottom, smiling cheerfully at me, saying "don't worry, we're still here!"

Tomorrow is Summer Solstice, and to celebrate both it and my fabric happiness, I think I'll make a little something for Safiya tonight, maybe a silk streamer like this one at Nova Naturals. And somehow make an offering up to those wonderful fabric gods and goddesses :-)

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