Monday 25 June 2007

Notes on a Weekend

The weekend was actually the opposite of what I was just talking about. It was fun, and we knew it was basically just one of those days, not an everyday kind of thing, so it was cool all 'round. Saturday morning started out with Mr. S. taking part in a stationary bike team marathon, the Race for Dignity, for Dignitas International, a very straightforward and effective AIDS aid group. It was a full 2 hours on the bike, with Safiya sitting on the handlebars for a while, during which she pointed out to me "See, Mama, on this bike I don't need my helmet!" Very exciting times, that Saturday morning.

Then off to the mini crafternoon tea at Nathalie-Roze where I once again I met some of the lovely people from the Toronto Craft Chat, amongst others. Lots of different items and all the tables were very individual. Kim Kutner, who was at the T.O. craft chat, was there. She has a great journal/blog and a lovely aesthetic. We commiserated a bit about craft and raising kids, and I couldn't resist picking up a little calender she had illustrated, which I see she also has listed in her Etsy shop. Krissy Ross of rat girl (that's the best link I could find, she doesn't seem to have a website), was really helpful with some information/feedback about working the One of a Kind show, something I've been thinking about. And her jewelry is really fabulous! I love the mixed tape necklace!

Then off to my great friend Tim's 40th birthday party. And in honour of his friendship, which I hold very dear, I am posting the following link as an painful admission of an addiction that he especially will enjoy seeing made public, I think... Go Fug Yourself. And that's all I'm going to say about that, except Happy Birthday, Tim!

On Sunday it was back to home, back to sifting through the basement stuff, the previous unfinished-ness of which has had, of course, an effect on everything else in the house. This is what our main floor bookshelf looked like before the basement was finished (prepare yourselves):

In our defense, this is probably the worst it's ever been! My sewing machine is nearby, so there was always various half-finished projects stuffed in there, and as it also follows a main traffic route; it was a catch-all, really. Until I saw this post over at magpie & cake. I.....couldn'

You know that feeling when some closet or room finally gets organised and clean and every once in a while (o.k., every 10 minutes for the first little bit...) you just have to go, open the door, and say "ahhhhh" and smile? Living with the bookshelf like this is like that, except it's not hidden. It's really so much easier on the eyes, and it's still just as easy to find a book. The weird thing is that all the books fit just right....

And last but not least, I found some time to do the long overdue shop update! I'm happy to say the play capes are listed and yes, I would love to ship outside of Canada, just let me know because I'm trying to figure out the inner workings of posting shipping details on Etsy.



Anonymous said...

Yes! Your bookshelf looks fantastic! Nice work.

Unknown said...

Thanks Siobhan! Love your blog!