Tuesday 26 June 2007

It is very very hot today. Thank goodness for shade and fresh farmer's market cherries....

And I had my first Etsy order yesterday! Off it went this morning, along with a little something extra as a thank-you for being first :-)

The green tablecloth is a recent thrift find, one that shows so much care....

There is a long list of home projects that I want to finish that got sidetracked by my craft-fair-fun. Also, I think it would be wise to accumulate some more inventory (or am I making excuses to go get more fabric? ha!) so I don't have to rush when I get into a fair, and also so I can be prepared to submit for juried fairs, something I haven't done yet. Just finding my rhythm, I guess.....so no more craft fairs for a while, I think.....

My favourite conversation of the day, between Safiya and Mr. S.:

"you have some chocolate icecream too, Babo!"
"no thanks, honey, I'll have some later."
"but Babo, you like chocolate."
"and you like icecream."
"then you would like to have chocolate icecream!"

Would have worked on me :-)

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