Saturday 22 March 2008

Falling in Love

I'm running out of flannel, and it's hard to find 100% cotton flannel when out thrifting, especially in white or light colours that don't show through when I use it as batting in blankets. So I think I'm going to bite the bullet and order some from NearSea Naturals. I like that a lot of their cotton is not only organically grown in North America, but most of it's also milled in the States. Have to support our friends' economy in times of trouble, right? 'Cause no matter what, we don't want the organic fabric businesses to vanish - that would be a tragedy.

And as I was browsing around:

Ooooooooo! Organic? Awesome. It's from mod green pod.

And I may have fallen in love with this flannel:

It's oh-too-easy to fall in love when everything about them is right, eh? :-)

1 comment:

cloth.paper.string said...

that one on the bottom is so very good. darling drippy dots dangling...