Thursday 20 March 2008

Baby Bird

On my way from the kitchen to the living room, packing the bag for the day, saying "Safiya, come on, we have to catch the bu-u....s...."

And there she stands, in the middle of the living room, scissors in hand, a good grip of her hair in the other, and she says, very seriously:

"Not yet, Mama, we can't leave yet because I'm not done making the nest for the baby birds."


"Um, o.k." I say. and retreat back to the kitchen, phone in hand to immediately confer (and by that I mean laugh my ass off while trying to keep it quiet) with Mr. S.

She had done a pretty good job - on half of her head!

That's a big nest :-)


Jen said...

Oh my. She cut off her own hair to make a nest? She was crafting a nest with her own hair?

She's obviously a very creative and generous girl. And a not at all vain. You must be doing it all right!

And she looks darling. I love little girls with short hair. I've been trying to cut my daughter's hair--mostly for the sake of ease--but my husband won't hear of it.

cloth.paper.string said...

eeek! such a sweet and thoughtful girl you have there, marnie!

Unknown said...

thanks guys, i think so too :-)
o.k., public service announcement...or, selfish service announcement: Jen from Sockapalooza Four - who/where are you? I want to reply back, but do you know how many Jens are on that website? Help! I can't find your email address, and you seem like such a nice person, and I'm not ignoring you :-) Anybody out there?