Tuesday 25 March 2008

Antidote for a Tuesday Afternoon

Seriously? Because this is not what I signed up for. More snow...ish. And poor Mr. S. is on his third day of some wicked virus-induced fever-sinus thingy. Not the best prescription for a Tuesday in March, eh? And so, bemoaning my fate and listlessly picking at chores this afternoon, and worrying a little bit about the list of things to do growing in my head, suddenly it dawned on me that life doesn't need to be this way.....And so I said to myself and Safiya: "If it's determined to be this blah outside, then we must have treats to eat!" To which she replied, "What treats, Mama? Are they chocolate treats?" Ha! Well, of course!

"Tasty Snack Ball Things" or, vegan truffles, I suppose. Oh so easy and yummy. I can't really objectively tell if they look good in the pictures I took (my picture success with food is pretty low), but boy are they good! That and a whack-load of apple chips drying in the oven (we still have apples left from my adventures at the farmers' market last fall), more than make up for a pile of laundry that is leering at me this very minute from across the living room and a mountain of dishes lurking in the kitchen. Oh, and a stack of quilts neglected downstairs.

Life's too short to be complaining and not eating truffles :-)

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