Saturday 22 December 2007

Let's Start All Over Again (Part the Second)

This is what last weekend brought us, much to our glee. I love the muffled sounds, the crunching of snow under the feet, the assertiveness of a good blizzard; the kind that makes people grumble cheerfully about "the weather we're havin'!"

It's started to melt just a little today, but the huge drifts are still there, making the obtaining of the tree even more satisfying.

Yesterday was the first day of the return of the Solstice spirit around these parts (see the previous post). It was spent anticipating today. Today, with a clean house and a super-clean and re-organised craft room, I started to make a few things, and it felt good. We decorated the tree, I did some sewing, there were crafts, and I stayed up late to wrap the few gifts for our precious girl.

The above picture is the table at breakfast this morning. More Safiya craft than food....

And this is Safiya's table, which has been moved from the playroom into the kitchen so that she can play in the light that comes in through the patio doors. Her pinecones, collected in a bowl in the living room, are the only decorations we have in the house other than the tree, and it is enough; just perfect. We aren't "doing" much to celebrate this year, and it feels oddly more celebratory than previous years of fussing and worrying over gifts and decorations and such.

Tomorrow we'll have our Solstice morning, and then I'll indulge in some more sewing. And I have all night to dream...

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cloth.paper.string said...

may your dreams be sweet, and may there be much warmth with the returning light.