Tuesday 4 December 2007

It's On the Jar!

I came across this recently as I was tidying the recipe box:

Seriously. The above recipe, scribed in my adolescent script, is a relic from the past; it is one of the two favourite casseroles that our family grew up with. That and "Potato Chip Casserole". I kid you not :-)

These days our cupboards look mostly like this:

Butter and cheese are lovely (I'll pass on the "cream of" soups!), but not to a lactose-intolerant vegetarian (how unfair is that?). Why all the writing on the jars? First, it must be noted that that kind of...ahem....meticulousness...is from the pre-Safiya era. But it has served us well. For example:

"How do you make amaranth again?" "It's on the jar!"
"Am I really getting enough calcium?" "It's on the jar!"
"Marnie, are you sure you're getting enough protein?" "It's on the jar!"

It's yummy eating, and although I can't find locally grown quinoa or amaranth yet, for the most part the whole grain, beans, veggies, and fruit thing (and vegan baked goods!) is 100-mile diet friendly. And, incidentally, wallet-friendly as well.

Of course, sometimes the jar is a little vague: ratio water to oats: 3 to 1 or 4 to 1, cook 10 to 40 minutes. You know, more or less...


Unknown said...

lol, I like the 10-40 mins, more or less

Anonymous said...

It might as well say 10-40 at my house, he'll ask me twelve times while he's waiting anyways. ;)

Heather said...

and whatnot! heheh