Monday 16 July 2007


Eeeep! The purse that I won from Jen at chrysanthemum (yes, three references for essentially the same thing - I'm really excited) arrived today! It's too too lovely - the pictures don't do justice to the pink silk inside, and her workmanship is impeccable. When I reminded Safiya that this is Mama's purse, she replied with a bright smile, "well, we can share it, Mama!" And all of the sudden the almost-three-year-old grasps the importance of sharing - ha!

And inside Jen had snuck surprises! Yay! Chocolate (gone), a little pink sewing kit (upon which Safiya said "oh, how lovely" - just like that! and it is now her very first sewing kit - extra thanks, Jen :-), and some delicate little tissue papers that are a mystery to me......Jen?

Here's a little sneak peak at what I've been working on to send back to her, because the weird thing is, she won my little contest!

And you know what? I love sending packages as much as getting them, so this is a whole lot of fun :-)

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