Saturday 14 July 2007

Pandora Has Nothing on This Box...And A Little Alliteration where's that zipper foot? Just me and my tea and an early morning (note to self: waking up before the babe is the way to go!) Why do I have this many needles? Seriously? "A needle for every sewing need"? How many needs could there be? Silly me...there's a carpet needle....and a bookbinding needle....for all my carpet and bookbinding emergencies, I suppose.

Oh no! On my way out to a fabulous party I've snagged my favourite carpet with my very glamorous stilettos! Good thing I have my carpet needle!...there are some things for which I am slightly over-prepared....I love the pack with the picture of the women on front in obvious awe of Susan and her snazzy set of sewing needles...

I eventually found the zipper foot, and despite some practice on a piece of scrap fabric (which left me waaaay too confident), this is the result:

It looks like it's sprouted tentacles and is going to take over....look out, the world will be over-run by my very badly bound buttonhole!

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Anonymous said...

No one will see it with the button buttoned! Dab with a little FrayCheck and off you go! (tentacles...hee hee)