Tuesday 17 April 2007

In Which There is a Happy Dance

You know those times when the universe seems to actually be smiling on you? (Yes I know, now that I've said it the universe heard me and will promptly withdraw all of said benevolence, but you know what else? I'm figuring out the world is not a fifth-grade schoolyard, so pbthththth and I say yay! sometimes the universe is a lovely lovely lady :-)

We got home from a weekend at the grandparents to find a package on our doorstep (how exciting!). Safiya ran around the house yelling "A package!? I'm soooo happy! I'm soooo excited!" And indeed, there was reason to celebrate:

The lovely Sarah had sent me goodies in return for the package I sent her! And it was a package of awesomeness. Look at the ribbon! fabric! and the wool is sooo soft! and thrifted craft books! And for Safiya, this adorable reversible smock (it's green gingham on the other side, and the little button applique has a tree on the other side - oh good golly)!

All lovingly wrapped with little notes sprinkled throughout and did you see? did you see? my very own bookplates, which I know she gocco-ed herself, because I saw a sneak peek on her website a ways back (at the time I had no idea and was thinking - soooo cool - hee hee!).

But to top it all off? The awesomeness of this:

To match Mr. S.'s vest, of course.

Dear Sarah: to sum it all up; genius, sheer genius.


Anonymous said...

(blushing) i'm so, so thrilled that you're enjoying the goodies marnie!

vintagechica said...

He, he...I had one of those collars. Hmmm, have to find that photo now.