Tuesday 2 February 2010

There Are Socks...

These are my favourite socks. Wollen, warm, cozy, cushiony - they are the perfect cold weather socks. Consigned to the back of the sock drawer (if Mr. S. detects holey socks he chucks them!), they lay there forlorn until, inspired by Becky's darning post, I decided to rescue them.

I probably could have winged it, but I approach any new skill with hesitation (what if I mess up darning socks? what horrible unremovable mistakes could result?), so I used a Very Instructive Video.

This is my fuzzy in-process-shot (having no darning mushroom around, I instead availed myself of a lightbulb):

And this is my not-much-better results shot (black-on-black yarn doesn't show well, sorry, but look - no hole!):

And now they are cozy-comfy on my feet again! Oh thrift, how I love thee.....

1 comment:

sweetie pie press said...

darning is the best. it is also flexible enough to allow for deviations. so glad to inspire! i went darn crazy when the weather got cold.