Friday 19 February 2010

Shop Update!

In defiance of the snow and cold, I'm thinking warmer weather and hoping you are too! I've listed a couple of cutlery rolls in my shop, and I'm looking forward to sending them out with dreams of picnics with lots of yummy food and sunny days....

And for fighting off the cold now or for the chilly spring days coming up, Safiya gamely modeled some of the new legwarmers/leggings for me, trying to sneak her favourites away in between :-)



sweetie pie press said...

my cutlery roll has travelled the world with me. i love it.

vivaciousvegan said...

Hello, I jsut found your blog and I adore it!! I was raised in a very small town in Iowa. My mother raised me old fashioned and that is pretty much how I am. I am also a modern mother with two daughters and a very onery husband!! We live just down the way from a beautiful Amish community. When we first moved into Kansas that is where we lived!! Yoder, Kansas is a wonderful place to raise children! We have since moved into a smaller town to get away from town life. Once again I truly enjoyed reading your blog, and especially enjoyed that you are vegan like me!!

Marnie said...

becky - considering your considerable travels, that cutlery roll surely has some amazing tales to tell!

and thanks for dropping by, vivacious - i think it'd be interesting to find out how you fare as a vegan in Amish country!