Monday 9 June 2008

Waiting for Beauty

There was never such an anxious awaiting as for these peonies. We planted them last fall, and being new at the whole thing were very worried at the phrase "if planted too deeply, peonies will not bloom" in the instructions. I used my ruler, I really did. Then they were late coming up - we waited and waited...and all of the sudden in the middle of April:

I've never been so excited about a plant before! One of the kinds that we planted is called "Zuzu", which is my brother's nickname for Safiya. Such a little thing, flowers; how is it that they stir us so deeply? But it's too hot and humid here to wax philosophical....right now it will suffice just to enjoy them while we have them.


Anonymous said...

Hey there - I love peonies, too. One of my favorite flowers. Mine are nearly ready to sure you put up some pics of yours when they've blossomed, I'd love to see!

Things Hand Made said...

We have some little strawberry planst that we have been coaxing through the winter in a similar way. We have a few berries coming but not quite sure how we will share them out!