Tuesday 24 June 2008

Vignettes from a Wedding: I Remember Early Mornings

The wedding was on summer solstice, which is a lovely way to celebrate, I think. However, these pictures are not from the actual wedding morning because of course, there were other things to do besides take pictures, like watch in awe as Mr. S. packed what certainly looked like two trips worth of stuff into the van so it could make but one. So these pictures are of the early morning, my favourite part of the day, the day before solstice.

The stillness is what thrills me. A couple of birds, everyone else asleep, the air still fresh from it's night's rest. I didn't get very much sleep the past week, but those early early mornings were certainly worth it. And all the stuff that got done.

In keeping with an entirely different mood, I have a confession to make. Coffee. So, so much coffee. Double, triple espressos. People bringing it for me, me making it. It didn't matter. Somehow it got to me.

And it was good.

So now I know how you all get everything done, and don't pretend it's not true. I have found you out.

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