Tuesday 17 June 2008

Lessons at Breakfast

This morning Safiya insisted that she didn't want anything for breakfast (note: she'd already snagged a chocolate cupcake from the counter :-) and I insisted she had to eat something. And then in my best Mom voice, I said "if you don't pick something, then I'll pick it for you."

And then, close beside me I heard her say in a small voice:

"But...I don't want you to choose my life for me..."

Wow. When did that happen? This is in the middle of a morning that also includes questions as to why can't we go into the television and have a conversation with Toopy and Binoo, and did I know that dragons are faster than wildebeest who are faster than plankton? And then she throws that at me. Relentless, she followed it up with:

"Everybody's life is different, right?"

She picked fried purple cabbage and I had humble pie.

1 comment:

Kate said...

those little ones catch on quicker than we think sometimes, no? but seriously, she picked red cabbage for breakfast? wow, at least you're making progress somewhere for sure!! :)