Monday 19 November 2007

Stepping Back, or Scenes From a Basement

This is the large picture. My "workplace". It's in quotes because I've gone back and erased that word and re-typed it a couple of times because my real workplace has no physical limits. It is the house, it is the subway, the city, our backyard. Wherever we are. Funny, when it's written like that it sounds like it's (that is, the mothering thing) following me wherever.I.go. Ha!

As for the tidy table, lest you get any false impressions, here is the other side of the room:

My pile of projects. I know where everything is, really I do. By the way, that table in the first picure? Best idea ever. The idea was planted in my brain by Martha's oversized ironing board, and then watered by the hearty recommendations of my friend Johanna. Made it myself for all of $60 (adjustable legs from Ikea, plywood from the hardware store, flannel and cotton covering from my stash - I keep it loose instead of staple-gunning it because the fabric does double duty at craft fairs). Handy-dandy, man. And here's the floor:

Sweaters a-waiting cutting up and considering. The rug also had a former life as a sweater. And the leftover studs (painted by Mr. S. - thank you, honey :-) are oh-so-perfect for stashing and stockpiling:

It is difficult to make basements look cozy in photographs, but this little piece of concrete and bare walls has definitely made its way into my heart.


Kate said...

I think just the fact that's it's a basement, down in the earth, makes it feel cozy! I am jealous! And what a brilliant idea for the ironing tabel, one day you will be copied by me for sure!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

I want an oversized ironing board. I'm afraid though, that I'd need a more oversized space to house it. Not going to happen...

Your basement does look cozy though. All that white makes it look so clean and bright.

And hey, I, uh, tagged you!

cloth.paper.string said...

it's fun seeing where at least some of the craft action takes place!! i really love those fabrics all together on the wall above the projects. and, now i'm seriously scheming about a big ironing surface...