Saturday 3 November 2007

Amateur Hour

Remember this post from February last year? Well.....that project, repairing the quilts, has been on hold since then. There's nothing like brisk November days to kick things back into gear. That, and the brown and yellow quilt is the one that Mr. S. uses, and every morning it looks like some fantastical cotton chicken has moulted everywhere...and I'm supposed to add that Mr. S. is none too fond of the taste of cotton batting...

This is what the edges that were still in good repair looked like. I don't know a lot about quilts, but I've never seen an edge finished like this before. This quilt is a hand-me-down from my grandmother, it's stuffed with cotton batting, and the binding is this thick cotton string encased in a tube and then sandwiched between the front and back. Anybody else familiar?

I had a whole lot of bias tape lying around - seemed like a logical thing to try...

Let's just say I had a little trouble. But you know what? It's done, it's serviceable, and it will not fall apart if I need to wash it. All in all, I'm pretty!

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