Wednesday 21 January 2009

Lengthening Long Johns: Yet Another Use for Sweater Sleeves

Safiya is growing tall like a lovely weed, so her ankles are poking out the bottom of her long johns like, well, legs poking out the bottom of too-short long johns. They fit her otherwise, so enter the old sweater sleeves, once again! This took about ten minutes.

1. Fold up the cuff of the long johns:

2. Pick a sweater that has been felted only a little, or not at all, so that there's some give, and make sure that the sweater sleeve cuff will be the right size to be comfy around the ankles. Cut the sleeves however long you need. Slip over the turned-up long johns, with the cut edge of the sweater matching the end of the cuff. Match the seams and pin, evenly gathering and pinning any extra fabric:

3. Sew about a 1/4" seam. I used a straight stitch, loose-ish tension, and a walking foot, which is perfect for knits. (Sorry about the blurry picture!) Notice the direction of the pins now; you kind of have to flip the leg around and make sure that you don't sew the leg shut! :-)

4. Obviously the cuff edge is finished and the sweater sleeve edge is not. I didn't zig-zag finish the seam, though, just in case I someday want to remove the know, just in case there's anymore kids around here....someday, maybe..... It should hold up because we wash woolens gently. So there you have it:

A longer leg!

If she keeps growing this fast she'll have rainbow coloured long john legs soon!


Things Hand Made said...

How cool, rainbow long johns! keep on growing safiya!

Anonymous said...

That is ingenious,your so creative!I love your pictures..

Rima said...

What a great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great way to accommodate growing kids! Plus, they look really cute, like legwarmers.

Unknown said...

You are brilliant!

NewMovie said...

good idea