Tuesday 4 November 2008

Something Like a Miracle

Yesterday was a day of puttering around the yard, cleaning up, and exploring corners that have gone neglected for a while. Being a very novice gardener with a lot of knowledge stored away in my brain, but little experience is a disastrous combination. For example, I'd love to just skip right to growing fields of quinoa if I had the space. :-)

And I forget about things. Usually the outcome is not good. However, this year I noticed some rather tall pretty yellow flowers that had sprouted up (from nowhere?) and then remembered that Safiya had planted some sunroots (Jerusalem Artichokes/sunchokes) left over from groceries earlier in the year.

Pulling them up was a momentous event. Such pretty things! After relocating our friend the worm, Safiya plucked, washed, smelled, cradled, and nibbled them and then insisted we eat them for dinner. One was elected to go into the curried butternut squash soup, and the rest were sliced and fried. yum.

From one little root to many, feeding many. Nature is something like a miracle.


Amy said...

I think the same thing every time I harvest even just one raspberry. It all gets lost for me when I buy the food but as soon as my hands are in the dirt - the wonder returns.

Things Hand Made said...

Wow, a good find. Lifts the spirits.

Anonymous said...

oh...yummy! the best sort of surprises--

Unknown said...

I have never seen sunchokes before. i love having little surprises like that in the garden!