Thursday 15 May 2008

Should've Been a Pirate...

...or an archeologist (there's no pillaging if you're an archeologist, right?)

The hunt is good. It gives an adrenaline rush (ha! sky-diving and bungee-jumping have nothing on....thrifting!), and it's useful. Well, usually :-) The nice thing about houses is that they are a finite space (except when you're cleaning - how does that work?), which usually puts a limit on the things I bring home. So, no more furniture or dishes or things like that. However, I have a feeling I created the business part of girl number twenty to enable myself to bring home more fabric (shhhhh, don't tell Mr. S). Ahem. I'm not going to explore that idea any further. Just to be clear, it's not just an addiction; we can live in the middle in Toronto on one income for various reasons, no car, cook food at home, socialized healthcare, and most of our clothes, etc. are second-hand.

My attempts at justification aside, I especially have a soft spot for anything well-made and wool. Look what I found! The first clue at the goodness within was: good quality cotton cover (polyester tends to cover polyester):

I furtively opened a few stitches at the Value Village and saw within: good quality cotton flannel. Ooooo. It came home with me. Besides which, it seemed too heavy to be filled with polyester. Once home, the reveal:

Eeeep! Wool! Look at the pencil-marks. Someone worked hard on this:

Thank you to whoever made this (and whoever donated it). On our bed now is a lovely wool-filled-duvet-mattress-thingy. We're sleeping on it, and it's heaven.

And how much does heaven cost? $7.99.


Gretchen said...

Lovely! What a wonderful find.

Things Hand Made said...

I had a find like that recently and its one of the bset feelings to have something pre-loved!