Saturday 3 May 2008

The Fabric Swap Quilt

The lady who introduced me to coffee and chocolate was the lady for whom I was an au pair many many years ago. I was a recently highschool-graduated Canadian farmgirl employed to take care of her grandchild, she was one of those ageless Parisian women who was tall, mince, had a perfect golden blonde bob, and was always impeccably dressed. "When you take chocolate with coffee," she instructed, "it must be the best chocolate, very dark." This, of course, seemed the height of sophistication to me.

Europe is on my mind not only because as I write I'm eating chocolate and sipping a very good coffee (in which I rarely indulge), but also because I've finally finished a quilt for Mr. S.'s expecting cousin who lives on the other side of the ocean. There seems to be a lot of life swirling around these days, but the sipping and nibbling and contentment of having finished something (and before the baby's born, no less!), seems to anchor me to a happiness deep within.

Except for the top fabric with the little trees (which I love) and the white-on-white flower fabric, the rest was all gathered at the recent-ish fabric swap at the Workroom. (Ah, now that I check the date, not so recent; it was two months ago!) When I spied the bottle-y fabric, it suggested little houses immediately, and I'm so pleased that they turned out.

There aren't any more pictures as the only recently appeared light was fading fast and the batteries in the camera were dying. So unfortunately that means no pictures of the other stuff I've been madly working on today - items for tomorrow's The Spring Thing Trunk Show. Thank goodness we're limited to only a suitcase of things to sell. A whole slew of projects was brought down to my Mom's for working on during our recent visit. Did it get touched? Of course not, not at all.

Hence the coffee :-)

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