Monday 5 May 2008

Good Spring Things, Part Two

Where would you rather be? Outside in this gloriousness, or inside facing the aftermath of days of craft insanity:

Mr. S asked me why I was tidying if it was just going to get messy again - he said that was the point of having a studio :-) But if even I can't find things, it is no good. At least a little prettiness was added before I girded my loins and set to:

The buttons were part of the loot I scored from Becky. Apologies to her, because the crossed out part is my doing. Just a little something to remind me....well, over-analyzation in favour of actually doing something is a tendency I have (Mr. S. will back me up on that one....heartily....go ahead, ask him, he'll be delighted.....) And while in the decorating mood:

I really love that patch from Dory - it might be the start of a whole inspiration wall or something...

Also, I loved the jewelry in Old Weston Handmade Wonders' trunk, Lesley-Anne Green's little trunk of beautiful stuffed critters (see them in her Etsy shop - they're adorable! she was kind of my table-partner in crime for the day and I think I like her very much - I may have a fellow-crafter crush, she's very sweet and cool), and of course the very interesting Shannon Gerard, whose crocheted genitalia will blow your mind (not hers, she makes them - oh dear, I really messed that one up!) - and her cacti are very cute, too :-) Actually, everything was good and I wanted one of each!

One of the disadvantages of working in haste is that pictures do not get taken. And with my memory being what it is, I came home, stared blankly at all the fabric, and couldn't remember what the cutlery rolls that sold looked like. It seems people like them, so I'll be making more (sorry, no tutorial yet - I'm going to wait until later on in May, as there's just too much on my plate right now). Finally it came back to me and I pieced some of the colourways back together:

I love seeing other people's fabric on their blogs, so that's for all you who like a little fabric-porn ;-)

The second disadvantage to non-stop sewing is - I woke up on Monday morning and couldn't move my legs. "Now that doesn't make any sense", I thought, "sore back, yes, but legs? From what, sitting all day at The Workroom?" Baffled, I went downstairs and then it hit me (or my legs, really). Studio: basement, sewing machine: main floor. Aha!


Anonymous said...

Oh! It's so nice to see the awesome patch in place. I'm so happy that you like it. Your things are very lovely too, and I'm sad that I didn't spend more time looking at them closer.

Things Hand Made said...

Great colour groups for the cutlery rolls.

sweetie pie press said...

a) no appologies necessary for button adjustments. the 'mores' buttons are supposed to be used as diagnostic tools, so modification is appropriate. not everyone needs to do all those things more. at all.

b) if you wanted a picture of the roll-up i wound up with, it is here. i love it! we have been searching thrift shops for our road cutlery.