Monday 3 September 2007

My Daughter is a Ninety-Year-Old Granny

This is not a knitting bag. It is our well-worn baby knapsack that has turned into a toddler knapsack into a little kid knapsack masquerading as a knitting bag. It is clearly on its last legs. Unfortunately, I do not have any spiffy pictures of a new, improved, and oh-so-chic-take-to-the-park bag made by moi simply because there is no such thing...yet. I'm eyeing those Amy Butler patterns...

Of all the outdoor, portable craft options, the other day I decided that crochet was probably the easiest. Embroidery? Too worried about the dirt. Knitting? Too many needles and I'm not good enough yet to not have to con...cen...trate!

Conversation with Safiya whilst placing the balls of yarn in the bag:
"Why are you bringing your sewing, Mama?"
"I'm not, actually - it's crochet..."
...long pause, I go to get something in the kitchen, and then I hear her little voice matter-of-factly:
"I think I need to bring some crochet to the park too, Mama."

To humour/encourage/enable her ;-) we pack up extra yarn and a hook (I figure a minute or two and then she'll be off and running, right?)

After at least 40 minutes of sitting in the shade on a rise in the park:
"Honey, do you want to go and play on the jungle gym?"
"Not right now, Mama, I'm busy with my crochet."

This is good, right?

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