Tuesday 18 September 2007

Mini Hemp Field Trip

After I wrote the hemp post, I realised that I had made a major omission: you can't talk about hemp in Toronto without talking about the Toronto Hemp Company! So, having never been, Safiya and I went on a field trip.

It was only a 10 minute subway ride, but still, it had the air of a field trip! THC (pun intended, I'm sure), does have, among other things, hemp fabric. The guys were really helpful and really tolerant of the fact that I just wanted to handle the fabric and not buy any (the price wasn't in my range at this point).

They had a couple of bolts of the pure hemp, the rest being blended with cotton or silk. Hemp has a lovely hand; I find it silkier than cotton, more similar to linen in weight and weave. Their fabric is supplied by Effort Industries and is unfortunately neither local nor organic.

Having met it, I definitely want to work with it!

p.s. they sell their swatch cards too!

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