Wednesday 6 August 2008

Good Start

My new favourite breakfast is popped amaranth. It's so ridiculously good, nutritionally, but I've been having a hard time finding uses for it except plain, even though it's a bit gooey when cooked like a grain. It's yummy popped, though.

I burnt my first batch because the instructions I found said "highest heat possible". They obviously hadn't met my stove. So medium heat is just fine. When you pour the amaranth in, it should start popping almost right away. I found a little demo (halfway down, under "Amaranth Porridge"). It only takes a minute to make, so easy and quick, perfect for first thing in the morning.

Plain is good, or with milk, like teeny-tiny rice krispies. It's a silly way to start the day.

Especially if you forget to put the lid on when you're popping it.


shannongerard said...

mmmm...this sounds so deliecious! Where did you find amaranth? Is it at most markets?

Unknown said...

Hi Shannon!

yep, yummy :-) you can find it at most health food stores (Noah's, The Big Carrot, that place on Baldwin...even most Bulk Barns).

oh, and dry pop it. or else it just sticks to the pan. ask me how i know.