Wednesday 2 January 2008


Yesterday the world was thick with beautiful, heavy snow. The kind that is good for snowballs and sledding, and makes trees look like strange sea anemones waving gently in the wind. Inside, however, it's toasty and warm:

The first window quilt is up, with others underway. Nothing fancy (nor ironed :-), just a piece of thick wool sandwiched between cottons, hung up with cup hooks. I used bias tape for the loops 'cause I'm lazy and I've yet to add the bottom loops so that you can actually do up the quilt to look out the window. This one is in the spare room, currently occupied by my law-student brother-in-law (I'm working from most drafty to least). It's reversible, and I put a not-quite-sure-it-matches-but-making-do-with-stash print on the other side in the event that this room gets transformed into a room for Safiya some day.

A newly thrifted bedspread was going to be cut up to make a window quilt for the main bedroom and to cover a small extra blanket, but when I brought it up, it was just too too pretty to cut up.

And so it will stay, spared the scissors, to warm our toes and cheer my heart.


cloth.paper.string said...

that bed spread is great, marnie! glad to see it escaped the scissors.

i wish they made invisible wool -- i'd love to have window quilts, but can't bear the thought of blocking out the view -- not that it's even a good one, i just feel mildly caustrophobic with any sort of window covering. so instead i shiver... must make more quilts for the body i guess.

Kate said...

cute cute curtains!! I love the yellow plaid/check... and smart thinking with the flower... love it!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

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